Saturday, February 28, 2009

.: You Are My Girlfriend :.

"You're my girlfriend,
My only girlfriend,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey,

When I first came to Bandung, I prayed to Allah to give me friends that suit me, friends that can teach me right from wrong, friends that can accompany me. "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Alhamdulillah, in this long journey, I got many wonderful friends.

In my observation, people who does not has real/close friend with similar gender will tend to have real/close friend with oppposite gender. These are people who involved in couple culture. We can see couple everywhere we go. Don't see too far. Just have a look at your surrounding.

The question is, how Islam look at this culture? Is couple culture is allowed in Islam? What is the best solution for couple?

~ where I got this statement? forget already.
I don't have an ample time to search for this topic deeply but I want to share my opinion about this topic.

If you want to 'couple', it's ok as long as the objective is to marry him/her. This 'couple' period is for you to get to know each other well. However, during this period, you still cannot go out together (where only two of you).

I had accidentally asked my friend who has a boyfriend.
Me: When will you marry?
SHE: 26
Me: lamenye lagi.
SHE: takde duit maaa...
Me: kalo takde duit, tak yah la pacaran. buat nambah dosa je. (^_^)

The point here is, if you are already ready to get married (money, instinct, knowledge), only then you are allowed to find your suitable life partner/couple. If you are still not ready yet, lupakan je le...

The aim for a marriage is to get children that can pray for us and to get this children needs a big sacrifice. We must first educate ourselves and to restrain ourselves from doing things which is wrong from now. Find a good mother/father for our children is very important. So, imagine if the start to build a family is already messed with our immorality how can we born virtuous children in the future.

My advice for couples: Please evaluate what you have done since you coupled. Limit/diminish your dates because they waste your time, money.

My advice for uncoupled people: When you are ready to hold the responsibility to be a family leader, then it is your time to find a life partner.


nur_aishah said...

yeah dats rite
Say NO to Couple without marriage in mind....

khairaummah said...

u got the point!