Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.: Nak Balik Dah! :.

Euphoria. Recently, many people think I am having euphoria. When I think back, yes, this last 2 weeks I felt good. I don't really know why I behaved like this. Maybe it is because...

1. I will have the first wedding in the family this March. InsyaAllah.

2. My final exam is just around the corner. 10 March-19 March 2009.

3. My friend will get married. ~and I WANT to follow her step soon.

4. I will finish my study and journey in Bandung soon (no more than 3 months. InsyaALLAH)

5. 23 March- suddenly meet Mas Jaka on the way to campus and he offered to send King and I to our faculty. We rode Avanza. ~Sa, don't be jealous!

6. My study group mates agreed to have discussion in Sukawening. ~no need to go far. yea!

7. Today- meet a urologist who spoke softly and suddenly he will become our tutor (group 3) tomorrow. ~hopefully, this is not a rumour. Hopefully, he is not busy tomorrow to attend the tutorial.

8. Today- very proud to have vice dean (Prof. Endang) as our tutor in group 3.

9. Got exam schedule today. Exam will start on 10/3.

10. I asked ayah lik to book my flight ticket. "no problem", he said. A relief for me!~ love ayah lik very much...mucho gracias!

11. Not forget! I think I am having this euphoria also because I like Dr. Ike (my previous tutor). She always remind us to correlate our learning issues with tutorial case. That makes me more understand why I have to know this and this. She built my curiosity to know something because 'curiosity is the beginning of discovery'.

~ my tutorialmates (group 3 GUS) EXCEPT
Prof. Endang is a gentleman & we only have 9 members (2 boys, 7 pretty girls) ~

Today, during tutorial with Prof. Endang...


Prof. : You all will go back to UKM right? And you will have PPD camp there. I hope you can perform well in UKM.

Me : Doc, will you come with us? We are very scared. We scare with 'doctor UKM'? Maybe because we don't know them and they seem strict.

Prof : Don't worry. I will always come to visit you there.

Me : Ok. Don't forget us ya, doc.

Prof : Gak...gak akan lupa kok!

Me : Hehe...


Me : Doc, tomorrow, who will be our tutor?

Prof : I cannot be the tutor tomorrow. I have to go to jakarta.

Me : Jakarta? mahu ikut,doc.

Prof : Wah...boleh...di ban... (^_^)

Me : Ban? Ape tuh? (cakap slow2... tak faham)

Syahrul : Ban...ban tayar tu...

Me : Owh...hahaha... (baru gelak...lambat tul)


Prof : Do you wanna take a break?

Me : If we take a break, at what o'clock we can go home? 3.30?

Prof : Kamu pulang jam setengah 4. Saya lebih awal ya. (^_^)

Armi : Oooh...gak bisa, doc. Kami biasa pulang sama tutor. Kalau tutornya pulang awal, kami juga pulang awal. (hahaha....semua gelak)

At last, all of us went home at 3.30 pm after 2h 30mins tutorial. Prof. Endang only made joke when he said he want to go home earlier than us. Hahaha.


Hanisa said...

Salam ijah..hehe cumel la korang..haa??jumpe mas jaka?? aktor indo yg name die ape ntah. yg blakon dlm taqwa tuh ke?? konpius neh.

khairaummah said...

heheh..mas jaka tu supir kt PADMA @ tourist guide waktu family datang hari tu.
sj je nk bg adik jeles.

hana said...


Can you make a clarification about your statement

I WANT to get married too.

I'm in limbo ni...hehe

nur_aishah said...

Salam ijah..
i'm also in the confused state(like hana aka Ani) here..

senyap2 dah ada calon ke???
nak kawin pun jgn lupa ajak kami yer..ehemmmmmmm

khairaummah said...

to hana dan aishah.

tu just "i want". not "i will".
nak je tapi belum lagi.

if "i will" get married, bdk2 twinning msti tahu nye la.jgn risau.haha.

kilam said...

naik kapal terbang tu baca bismillah

khairaummah said...