Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just finished Bioethis block in which for some students,this is the most relaxing block.We were exposed to many issues in Medical ethics so that we’ll be prepared soon especially when we start practicing medicine.Besides,in this 2 weeks block,we’ve been thaught about the proper way to conduct good consultation,learn the skills in communicating with special groups (elderly & paediatric age) and understand the right of the patients and doctors.Even though sometimes I became a little bit boring,I found that everything I got are very useful and beneficial (knowledge is precious)..

The part that I remembered most is Prof Zabidi’s lecture (Etiquette & bedside manner).At the end of the session,he hope that all of us will be a MERCIFUL DR.Let us check the attitudes that a Doctor should have…

M - Modesty/mercy
E – Empathy
R – Respect
C – Compassionate
I – Intergrity (confidentiality)
F – Feel
U – Understanding
L – Love

D – Dignity
R – Reliable

Dr Suhaijah

Dr Rafaa'

* Prof Zabidi is a Paediatric Specialist and x-Dean of School of Medical Sciences USM