Friday, May 28, 2010

.: I should be KIND rather than being RIGHT :.

I got a lesson today.

One fine morning, in the lift to 9th floor...
I stood beside lift button panel. A group of people came in. I pressed on the open button until a man headed in front of me. I stepped backward to give him and his wife space. My finger lifted off the button as I now one step away from it.
Suddenly, the man spoke to me,
"Pres the button! People want to enter."

I smiled to him with my heart babbled.
" It's not that I don't want to press the button but he came to stand in front of me. I think it is not proper for me to stretch out my hand along his way."

He happened to go to the same floor with me. As we reached 9th floor, all people walked out the lift but he did not go out. He pressed the open button and let all people go out. Although he can go out first (he was in the front line), he didn't do that. He was being kind to us.

Then, I realized I should be kind rather than being right. Initially, I think that my action is right and he was wrong about me. I was angry when he said that to me like I was an insensitive person.
In fact, I should say to him,
" Yes, you are right."

That is the magical word of being humble.


madziani said...

Prof Har teach us, her ppd group to do so. And i always wonder, are we that kind of insensitive that those lessons of life need to be teach or are we nowadays are too busy to think about ourselves rather than the others?

even the smallest thing, if we do it right, we gonna make a big different.

eh, ade kena mengena ke dgn citer ijah ni? :P

tautanhati said...

ade2...i got your point.

ani, lepas ni jgn pelik tengok saya berebut nak brdiri sebelah lift panel ye.I wanna be kind.insyaAllah...